Your private Guide to visit Paris

As your guide to Paris, I will do my best to make your stay unforgettable and show you the most charming face of Paris!! The idea is to keep our group small in order to blend in with Parisians and the city. Thus, you won't be tourists anymore, but rather locals for a few days!! 

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ADELINE, born on the island of Notre-Dame, is a Parisian who still loves Paris!! 

Having grown up in the Upper Marais, a very creative, trendy and historic district of Paris, I'd be pleased to help you discover the cultural heritage, lifestyle, sophistication and creativity of Paris. Actually, I live in the Plaine Monceau and I raise my two young children. 

Over time, I have aquired a deep understanding of parisian life that I wish to share with you during our off the beaten-track tours. I am also informed of cultural events in Paris (exhibitions, places to go out ...). Among the endless choices of activities available in Paris, I will select the best on offer for you and your interests.

I received a master's degree in 18th century French history from the Sorbonne, focusing my studies on the Grand Tour, an aristocratic rite of passage. Afterward, I deepened my knowledge through various experiences: with Monique Blanc, a curator of the Louvre Museum; with Franco Rendano, President of a Cultural Center in Italy; with collectors at the International Contemporary Art Fair; and at the Festival of Theater in Avignon, where I was assisiting the writer Olivier Cadiot and director Ludovic Lagarde ...

I also play piano, I like going to exhibitions, theater, opera and cinema, and I love skiing.

During my travels ( USA; UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Spain, Czech Rep, Poland; Madagascar, Tunisia, Turkey, Tahiti, Mexico, Martinique, Thaïland, Laos, Cambodia...), I've often been welcomed by local people in these countries. Through them, I lived my best experiences! They introduced me to local customs and rules of etiquette, and gave me great tips on where to go, what to see, and where to eat... So I know what it means to be in a foreign country disoriented by an unfamiliar lifestyle. Travel can be exhausting, but also so rewarding in the right company! A guide who is also frequently a tourist, is a fabulous way to save time, while recieving an excellent introduction to the customs and mentality of a foreign people.

Tours are in French or English.

Dasha Akimava

DASHA has been living for 6 years in one of the most charming districts of Paris, Montmartre. In the past, she was lucky to live in such charming Parisian areas like Saint-Germain, Le Marais and the town of Versailles.

Hello, everybody! My name is Dasha and I am 33 years old. I graduated from Sorbonne and obtained my Master degree in literature and art history. At present, I am a PHD student specializing in 18th and 19th centuries painting and the history of public and private art collections. In the past few years, I have been working for the Christie’s and Piasa auction houses and also at a number of contemporary galleries. I am also a co-curator of exhibitions involving young contemporary artists.

I have different passions in life such as art, literature, jazz, opera, food and cinema but most of all I am passionate about Paris! My father is French and my mother is from Russia.  So, when I was a child, I spent several years in Moscow and I can speak perfectly Russian.  

I have travelled a lot in my life, notably in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sicily, United Kingdom and Ireland. I lived one year in Dublin where I had a chance to be a Trinity College student.

My travels and my very active social life made me an open minded and curious person. I take real pleasure in sharing with people my knowledge of Parisian museums, historical monuments, and helping them discover the spirit of Paris, the city where I have been based for 13 years.

Anatole’s France quote reflects perfectly my credo: “With science and love we made the world” (Le livre de mon ami, 1885).

Tours are in French, English or Russian.


Flora goldenberg Floraprofil






FLORA, a Parisian whose passion is to share her love of Paris with foreigners.

I'm a 26 years old and I am a professional Tour Guide licensed by the State, providing tours in English and French in Paris for two years. 

Born in Paris, I grew up in the heart of this city, in le Marais neighborhood. I love to go around my city and take pictures of it, I have walked it, I have biked, it and I am still discovering it every day. I have a true passion for the city of Paris.

I have travelled a lot myself, which has given me a truer perspective on my own city.

After studying History and Art History at the Sorbonne University,I decided to become a guide in Paris. Why? The city of Paris is my passion and I couldn’t think of a better way to reveal everything Paris can offer. History, museums, monuments, gourmet, fashion...This city fascinates me! I must confess that my mother, who is a guide in Paris since 25 years, transmitted me the pleasure of sharing and exchanging. I can't get enough of searching for new places, restaurants and new stories! I love Paris and its atmospheres, Paris and its museums! I can't wait to enjoy together an unforgettable tour of Paris !

Tours are in French or English.

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"There is a parisian way to love. And anyone who has fallen in love with Paris may not love otherwise."