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Peter from Holland Le 14/01/2013

I totally concur with Ben Turner's write-up below.
Adeline is a delight.
We walked around the Marais on a very somber January day with low hanging rain clouds that occasionally spilled some water. Even the city of lights looked dim.
This trip to Paris, I did not bring the tourist guide book with photographs taken on sunny days, that basically tells you what you see. Nor did I bring my text-only little guide written for, by, the intelligentsia. Been there, done that.
Adeline provided the stories of what went on behind the facades and made the city come to life, historically.
She advised to go to a concert in one of the city palaces. Little over 3 euros per person entry. Beautiful romantic music. In a palace where Haydn's Paris symphonies had been played in the 17 hundreds, maybe even before their public premieres. Impossible to find this as an outsider.
My kind of thing. Strongly recommended.

Ben Turner Le 30/12/2012

Adeline is a charming, funny, hyper-educated walking, talking treatise of French history, art, architecture and pop culture. My girlfriend and I took a 3-hour walking tour with Adeline of the Marais neighborhood and really could not have been more happy that we did so. The previous day we tried to tackle Marais ourselves in a self-guided, haphazard and superficial tour and could not shake the feeling that we were missing out on what this neighborhood had to offer. And it was true -- the difference between what we experienced in nearly an entire day of wandering on our own (constantly pulling up Wikipedia on my phone) and what we experienced in just three hours with Adeline could not have been more stark.

Adeline, who grew up in Marais, provided a rare and intimate glimpse of her neighborhood of mansions and delicatessens, museums and shops, in a way we could never have possibly done ourselves. Along the way she identified architecturally significant apartment buildings, took us through a library, museum, art gallery, and boutique shops, and articulately explained everything from the demolition of Hôtel des Tournelles to casting choices in modern French film. It would be almost impossible to overstate the extent of her knowledge on all things Paris; I asked Adeline everything about well, everything, and she *always* had the answer. She is absolutely the best tour guide I’ve ever had in any city. It’d be remiss to visit Paris and *not* book one of her tours.

Susan Hunsberger Le 27/11/2012

My daughter and I took the shopping tour and had a great time. Adeline did a great job adjusting the tour as we went to meet our needs and help us find what we wanted to buy! Her knowledge of the area is superb and learning more about the history of le Marias as we strolled the streets was a great bonus! A tour with Adeline is a great add to any Paris vacation.

Susan Hunsberger Le 22/11/2012

This was an exceptional tour! Adeline gave us a wonderful overview of Le Marais (where we are staying) and took extra time to give us some basic Paris skills. She is extremely knowledgeable about this area in particular and presented a very well thought-out history of Paris, France, and Le Marais. We would not hesitate to schedule a tour with her again.

Wendy Kotow Le 04/10/2012

It was wonderful to meet you! Thank you for the very special tour, we feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with you! You are a lovely young lady with an incredible amount of knowledge, so very good at what you do.

Sue Andersen Le 02/10/2012

Thank you, thank you for the great day. We had such a great time! You are a wonderful tour guide.

Justine Evans Le 23/09/2012

Paris bicycle tour with Adeline was terrific!
My boyfriend and I went on a 3 hour bicycle tour with Adeline around Marais, Notre Dame, and the Louvre. We had a wonderful time on the tour as Adeline was very pleasant, patient and very knowledgable. We saw parts of Paris we would have never discovered ourselves. It was the one of the highlights of our 4 day trip. We will be recommending Adeline's tour guide services to our friends and it is well worth the money. She even introduced us to the Marché des Enfants Rouges which has the best crepes in Paris! Thanks again Adeline.

Melanie Turner Le 22/08/2012

Adeline was a wonderful guide. Thorough and meticulous guide who provided a very educative and enjoyable tour.

Joe Deker Le 18/08/2012

Great walking tour of the Marais area with excellent knowledge base. Would not have found all the places without the guide. Guide a had wonderful personality. We were a family of 4 and totally enjoyed it. Thanks!!

Thien Bui Le 09/06/2012

Adeline was an excellent tour guide. Probably the best that we have ever had. She was very caring, attentive to our needs and knowledgable. She was nice to my whole family, she talked to my kids one on one. She really tried to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see. And we wanted to see a lot in a little time. Thank you Adeline for a great day at Versailles.

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