Visit of the historical area in the center of Paris: the Marais

Private tour in the historical center of Paris, the aristocratic area of the Marais. On foot or by bicycle.

Place des Vosges



The visit lasts 3 hours.

250 € / group of 1 to 6 pers




The Golden age

The glorious time of the Marais was during the 17th and 18th centuries. The king Henry IV built the Royal Place, the current Place des Vosges. It became the center of the elegance during this time.
That's why many aristocrats and wealthy families had settled down in this area. Many private mansions were built, with gorgeous decoration and splendid architecture. 
The first "salons" were held in the Marais, and became the place to meet wits, elegant ladies, prominent writters and scientists. Thus, Paris made a reputation of capital of sociability.


From decline to historical patrimony

At the end of Louis XIV's reign in 1715, the Marais was gradually abandonned by the aristocrats. The Royal Court moved to Versailles, the faubourg Saint-Germain and the faubourg Saint-Honoré.
During the 19th century, the Marais became poor and industrious. Workshop were built in the former gardens and courtyards. Hopefully, Haussmann didn't destroy it!

It's only in 1962 that the Marais became officially protected as historical patrimony, and that it's rehabilitation has started until nowadays.


Today, the Marais is a trendy area, with bohemian and effortless elegance. Located in the center of Paris, Parisians love to stroll around this unique area due to it's rich historical past. Art galleries, boutiques with avant-garde fashion, designers, lively cafés, market... The vitality of the Marais attracts lovers of history and a creativ and artistic crowd.

Your guide is a local, who was raised there since it's birth. Therefore, she knows the charming places and theirs secrets...


Place des Vosges Place des Vosges








l'Ambroisie, Restaurant Under the arcades, Place des Vosges, Paris










Passage Hotel de Sully Hotel de Sully










Hotel de Sully 17e siècle style








Hotel de Sully Hotel de Sully










painted beams, Paris Marais stair case, Paris Marais










rue de Poitou Rue Payenne










Donjon street a local










Private mansion in le Marais, Paris - hôtel particulier à Paris, dans le Marais Carnavalet







Hotel de Sauroy Porte cochère - Paris Marais










Staircase, Paris Marais Staircase










Secret garden, Paris Marais café Charlot








café Charlot Romance










Devanture classée Hotel du Petit Moulin










décor classé Lion fountain










Painted staircase, Paris Marais Painted staircase










Staircase, Paris Marais Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin










Boutique, Marais, Paris Café Suédois










Marché des Enfants Rouges Rue Pastourelle










Naked woman among the roses Business and history










Private mansion in a rose garden, Marais, Paris building, Paris, Marais