Perfume of Paris

esprit-de-paris Par Le 23/02/2011

Dans Life in Paris

All those ads for perfume have taken their delicate inspiration in Paris. 


Trésor in Love, by Lancôme


Miss Dior Chérie


Coco Mademoiselle, by Chanel


Ricci Ricci


Chanel N°5


Rive Gauche, by Yves Saint Laurent

The last one is my favourite because it is not a perfect woman, or an ideal of who a woman is supposed to be. It is a daring woman who is charming because she feels free to do anything! She is dangerous when she drives, she is late at her own wedding, and she is sophisticated but alive!! She is self-confident and impertinent.

She rushs downstairs in a beautiful painted stairwell. It is in a private building of the Marais (one of the secret places I can show you). How lovely to see it in the ad for a perfume called Rive Gauche!! (As you know, the Marais is located on the Rive Droite).
In fact, there is several ways to divide Paris: Rive Gauche / Rive Droite, East / West, Epicenter / the rest of Paris...