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esprit-de-paris Par Le 06/01/2011

Dans Life in Paris

Nothing beats an authentic Parisian who can tour you around the streets of Paris and let you appreciate all of the wonderful art history proudly displayed in the city. Paris sightseeing tours Esprit de Paris come with a local guide so you are guaranteed to know more than travel books and the internet can probably provide you with. And you must know that Parisians are one of the most interesting attraction in Paris, they are part of the international fame of the city of light.
Paris people have a strong passion for arts and minds. In fact, Paris people are greatly inclined in performing arts such as opera, theatre, film, and ballet. The Paris spirit is to have quick wits.
The environment of Paris itself including its people pictures the real sense of artistry—from the behaviors of the people to the constructions of the buildings.
The people of Paris are recognized for their distinctive outlook in life; reason why it is also not surprising why they have attractive Paris culture and entertainment as well. If you are from Asia, you should not be surprised on the lack of inhibitions of people here in sexuality as compared to people in Asia. One example often pointed out of this supposed openness to sexuality is the mode of the french greeting, which is a kiss on each other’s cheek. Parisians are not prudish, for sure. But they have a very delicate, sharp and subtle way to deal with sexuality. The Parisians have an amazing charm in the game of seduction!! But it is only a game, nothing serious...


Paris under the snow - Paris sous la neige La pyramide du Louvre - The glass pyramide in the courtyard of the Louvre